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Thai Massage Stretch


Thai massage is especially useful for those who are seeking a "deep massage" experience as a well as a thourogh stretching session such as athletes and those with chronic conditions such as back, neck, shoulder, and hip pain. Patients typically feel more balanced, relaxed, and more flexible. Many patients claim that they feel as if they are walking on a cloud or "drunk" with relaxation.

Conditions Treated

Accident and Trauma

Neck and Back Pain​

Foot & Ankle Dysfunctions


Pelvic Girdle Dysfunctions

Performing Arts Injuries (including dance, music, figure skating, and gymnastics)

Postural Problems

Pregnancy-related Pain

Shoulder Dysfunctions

Sports Injuries

Pelvic and Abodimal pain

Thai Massage

Often referred to as "lazy man's yoga", thai massage utilizes the entire practitioner's body including hands, elbows, knees, and feet to apply effective pressure and stretches to those annoying aches and pains that are often left unresolved after a typical massage.


Dr. Karpus utilizes his ability as a physical therapist to assess a person's body and create a custom tailored routine for optimal results eliminating your current pain as well as addressing issues that can be causing it.

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Thai Massage Neck Stretch
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