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Foy C. Munlin Jr., LMT
Joey Sloan, LMT

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It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Joey passed away Sunday night on Oct. 23, 2023 just 3 days before his 54th Birthday. While the official cause of death has not been determined, he had bilateral failed kidneys accompanied with heart issues over the past year. My most educated guess would be that he either had a stroke or suffered from a heart attack.


He is survived by his beloved Dog “Eddie Winston”, his cousin Tracy, and sister Donna. He was a very dear friend to me as well as several of his clients. He has touched the lives of many with his empathy, compassion, humor, and talented hands. He was a one of a kind individual and will be deeply missed.


His dream was to one day have a house with a back yard for Eddie. While he won’t be able to see his dream come true, I am hoping we can all come together to help and ensure that Eddie is well taken care of. Due to Joey’s sudden passing and medical issues/bills, he has likely left little to nothing financially to help with Eddie’s Veterinary needs and living expenses.


I know in my heart that Joey’s last dying and birthday wish would have been to give Eddie everything. I would like to do my best to assist in providing that to him.


His cousin Tracy, who he loved dearly, has stepped up to take little Eddie in to live with her. Unfortunately, she is also having to take care of her own disabled mother. I am setting up a gofundme fundraiser for any of you that would like to help donate money towards Eddie’s food and miscellaneous veterinary bills. This would tremendously help decrease the financial hardship that Tracy will be taking on.


I will try to keep everyone updated on any future funeral arrangements or services. This way you may also pay your respects in person, or to the family, should you desire to do so.


Dr. Benjamin Karpus

To make a Donation for Eddie, click below:

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