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Pilates Mermaid on the Reformer


Pilates is benificial to virtually anyone whether they are using it to help with an injury or for general wellness. General benifits include improved posture, increased flexibility, improved sport performance, increased body awareness, and an overall general sense of well being.

Originally founded by Joseph Pilates, Pilates was based on principles aimed at restoring natural healthy movements through spinal elongation, correct breathing patterns, flexibility, and increased core stability often leaving clients with a revitalized and refreshed feeling. Typically, cleints notice an immediate change in their posture often claiming that they feel "taller, longer, slender, and more tone and flexible". Pilates shares a very similar foundation as yoga but is typically safer for those with injuries. The equipment used may be adjusted to intensify an exercise or to make it easier. It also allows for cleints to get into poses that they may not be able to achieve on the floor.


There is currently a stigma about pilates being for women but the truth is that it was originally created by Jospeh Pilates who was considered a "man's man" in his time as he was very much into boxing and acrobatics. It just so happened that when he moved to New York, he worked near a ballet studio so his clientele typically tended to be women. The truth however, is that it is beneficial for everyone and it is often a humbling experience for a male who thinks it is "just for girls".

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