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Empower rehab and wellness focuses on quality care in a one on one setting so that all of your body's needs are satisfied. We utilize an integrated, evidenced based treatment approach inspired from multiple disciplines of rehabilitation around the world including: physical therapy, pilates, chiropractic, yoga, and thai massage. We work with a  wide variety of clientele from people with acute to chronic injuries as well as athletes and performers who are looking to increase their fitness or maintain their wellness.


We at Empower believe in truly helping others and putting our patients' needs first. Our goal is to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible thereby providing our patients with an unparalleled value. We never insist on selling “packages” or “monthly memberships” upfront committing you to several hundreds or thousands of dollars with no real assurance of getting better. We are confident in our unique, one of a kind, world-class treatment techniques and believe that you should start to feel results in as early as 1-3 treatment sessions. If we feel that your injury may be beyond our scope of practice, we would rather refer you to the appropriate specialist rather than string you along for unnecessary treatments.

Thai Massage
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