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"My boyfriend is a former D1 football player who now does Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He works out A LOT and always needs a lot of body recovery. We tried this place out and he LOVED it!! They were able to really get his body right and have it loosened up after carefully taking the time to see what areas needed to be treated and how. Not a lot of recovery places are worth the money nor do they offer a wide range of the necessary services all in one in Atlanta but this place is for sure worth it. If you're an athlete and need good recovery or if you need your body taken care of go here. 10/10"


-Stephanie O.

"I've been taking Reformer Pilates for about 5 years. Candice is one of the best instructors I've had the pleasure of working with. What sets Candice apart from the others is her beautiful personality, creativity, and her motivational influence to push you to the next level of fitness. Her classes leave you with a warm glow and a true sense of accomplishment."


-Chuck Feerick

"I went in for a massage with Foy Munlin and WOW! I had been to The Joint a couple times prior to seeing Foy and was convinced they messed me up beyond belief. My neck was 100% locked up to the point I felt like a prisoner in my own body. I found a 7pm appt out of desperation and Foy delivered. I have never in my life had a massage that changed how I felt like this one. I didnt think he could fix me but im telling you I walked out of the massage feeling like I was on air. I still feel great. If you have any neck or back issues I hightly suggest getting a deep tissue massage from Foy."

-Zach W.

"Dr. Benny saved my life! I'm exaggerating a little bit but that's how much pain I was experiencing prior to seeing him. I had seen so many specialists and spent so much money trying to identify the issue, that I was feeling hopeless and depressed asf. I originally called to schedule a massage but after Dr. Benny heard my issue, he suggested that I get an adjustment first. He was able to fit me in within a couple hours, and gave me a quick and efficient adjustment. After a few days the pain I was experiencing for WEEKS, was gone. Completely gone. Incredible. Thank you Dr. Benny, you have a faithful and grateful new client."

-Emm L.

"Highly recommend! I booked an hour and got an adjustment with a side of thai massage, stretching and dry needling. Benjamin was great, booking was easy, and my problem area neck and shoulders are wayyy less tight."

Vanessa S.

"My girlfriend was dealing with a debilitating headache and was having trouble getting out of bed and was in desperate need of an adjustment... on a Friday afternoon. We called many other places in Buckhead but none could help us. Except Empower and Benjamin Karpus. He worked with us to set a time that was good for both parties and he showed up right on time. Dr. Karpus was an absolute life saver and we will be going to Empower from now on. Highly reccomend."

-Bronson W.

"Candice is exactly what I have been needing! I’ve had chronic back, shoulder, and ankle pain from previous injuries. Candice has not only helped to make me stronger, but lessened my pain greatly. In fact, it’s when I don’t come into the studio for a week that I start to notice the aches and pains returning. And the best part? She makes working out FUN. <— that is not a sentence I ever thought I’d be saying. That’s how good she is."



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