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Physical Therapist working on a patient

Conditions Treated

Physical Therapy

At Empower physical therapy, we use an integrated solution based approach to help meet your individual needs. We work with you to treat your currents symptoms and more importantly, discover the underlying cause.  Together we will evaluate your posture, past medical history and multiple aspects of your daily living.  Given this information, we implement preventive measures that proactively decrease or perhaps eliminate exacerbation of your symptoms . Here at Empower, we prioritize your condition and find pride in the care you receive. We work with every patient in a one on one setting, and are able to formulate a custom tailored program that is consistently updated as your condition and individual goals evolve. During your session, you will receive hands on manual therapy, as well as, learn specific exercises implemented for your diagnosis and desired outcome. Our objective is to empower our patients by alleviating the source of your pain! With our hands on techniques, therapeutic exercises, and quality education, our patients typically experience significant changes within 1-3 sessions.

Accident and Trauma
Back Pain
​Neck pain
Balance Problems
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Foot & Ankle Dysfunctions
Pelvic Girdle Dysfunctions
Performing Arts Injuries (including dance, music, figure skating, and gymnastics)
Post-operative Conditions
Postural Problems
Pregnancy-related Pain
Shoulder Dysfunctions
Sports Injuries
Pelvic and abodimal pain

Neck Pain

Treatment Styles

Manual Therapy

Spinal Manipulations

Graded Joint Mobilizations

Dry Needling

Trigger Point Therapy

Soft-tissue Mobilization

Thai Therapeutic Massage

Myofascial Release
Muscle Energy Technique

Therapeutic Exercise


Balance Training
Neuromuscular Re-education
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Office Ergonomics

Class IV Laser Therapy

Acoustic Shockwave Therapy

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